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Foresight GC2 Launch Monitor

The Foresight GC2 is a stereoscopic camera system that precisely captures and analyzes ball characteristics at the most critical point of measurement – club impact – to deliver the most accurate values of ball performance available today.  The Foresight GC2 is recognized in the golf industry as the most accurate launch monitor available for indoor use.  FSX Fit software provides a  comprehensive virtual depiction of launch condition, shot shape and down range values – all in real time. We compare club performance via custom color tracing using the ball data provided below, review disperse and gap analysis for a club fitting experience unlike any before.

Ball Data

• Ball Speed
• Vertical Launch Angle
• Horizontal Launch Angle
• Vertical Descent Angle
• Spin Rate
• Spin Axis
• Carry Distance
• Roll
• Total Distance
• Descent Angle
• Apex Height
• Shot Dispersion


  • 3D Club Delivery
    Club Data - 6 Iron
    Shot Detail
    Ball Flight Detail

Dartfish Video Analysis Software

Dartfish software paired with a simple camcorder allows us to record any aspect of your game.  From your lesson, your video(s) can be sent to your online “personal collection” where you can login and view the lesson.  It can also be sent directly to your phone so you can take your lesson to the practice facility.  Most importantly, the video provides a superb visual for the student and used with our expertise can help you improve faster.  The software can compare your swing with another swing whether it’s a previous swing of yours or a tour professional. The software allows us to draw lines, write notes, perform close-ups, use slow motion, measure tempo and more.